What does a ‘kiss’ sound like? 

Unitron Moxi Kiss

Moxi Kiss

Find out by experiencing the new Moxi Kiss!

They say you always remember your first kiss. We’re pleased to introduce another unforgettable “kiss” — the new Moxi Kiss from Unitron. A receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid, Moxi Kiss is so discreet, it virtually hides from view, yet it delivers:

  • Clear, amazingly natural sound quality

  • Excellent speech understanding, even in noisy situations

  • Hassle-free telephone listening…in both ears

  • A smooth transition to the amplification that’s ideal for you

  • A comfortable fit, even if you wear eyeglasses

  • “Wear it and forget it” automatic performance

Ready for a “little kiss?” Call us at 310-559-4884 to learn more about Moxi Kiss!