Advanced audiological diagnostics and treatment.

This website is intended to help people who suffer from tinnitus, hyperacusis, hearing loss, central auditory processing disorder, dizziness/imbalance disorders, and/or other related disorders.This site will continuously be updated to provide more information for patients.  Interactive forms are available to request diagnostic testing, consultations, and treatment.
We are located in the Los Angeles Area (Beverly Hills and Culver City) and see patients from age six months and up.
Our facilities are fully equipped for cerumen management (remove ear wax), pure-tone audiometry (adult and pediatric), tinnitus evaluations, loudness discomfort level testing, tympanometry, acoustic reflex thresholds, otoacoustic emissions, auditory brainstem response, and electro/videonystagmography (dizziness evaluations).
Custom protection and musician’s custom pieces also available.

                          Call 310-559-4884 to schedule an appointment at either office.