Tinnitus & Hyperacusis

Tinnitus is phantom auditory perception. It can be perceived as a ringing, hissing, pulsing, clicking, wooshing, “crickets”, buzzing, humming, or other sounds. Forty percent of patients with tinnitus may have sensitivity to loud sounds. More than 90% of patients with tinnitus have a measurable hearing loss in at least one frequency (Davis, 1998).

Hyperacusis is an abnormal sensitivity to everyday sound levels or noises. Often sensitivity is more pronounced at higher-pitched sounds. Many of these patients have essentially normal hearing.

There are test procedures available to measure and treat these issues. Feel free to contact us with any questions or go to the forms section and submit a form. If you need immediate assistance call us at 310-559-4884.

STEP 1: Complete the New Patient Form

New Patient Form

STEP 2: Complete additional Forms

Tinnitus patients may need to complete Hyperacusis Questionnaire if there is also sensitivity to loud sounds.

Tinnitus Handicap Inventory (THI)

Tinnitus Functional Index (TFI)

Hyperacusis Questionnaire