Medico-legal Cases

Personal injury

Our offices have extensive experience in the evaluation and treatment of patients who have developed hearing loss, tinnitus, or hyperacusis as a result of a personal injury. Air-bag deployment and whip-lash injuries are often associated with these symptoms. Careful evaluation and reporting of the findings with both objective and subjective tools are paramount when these cases are evaluated. A signed Lien is needed prior to the visit. Not all services can be provided on a Lien basis. We provide our services for both plaintiff and defense. Prior authorization for defense work is required.

Workmen Compensation

For over two decades we have evaluated policemen, firefighters, and various employees who have developed auditory issues as result of employment. In some cases, we can provide hearing aids for these patients after initial evaluations are made and requests for authorizations (RFA) are obtained. Please note that all visits need to be approved by your adjuster.